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archived January 2, 2013

An Interview with OneWorldTV

Rob Hopkins, Transition Culture

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archived October 13, 2010

Selling A Book That Has No Name

Gene Logsdon,

Prairie Public Radio interviewed me recently about my latest book, Holy Shit. The interviewer was kind about my writing. He knew a lot about farming which is rarely the case but always a relief when discussing agriculture before an urban audience. The only problem was that he did not mention the title of the book during the entire interview! He said that he would get fired if he did. Regulations forbid the utterance of that awful word, shit, even when it is in the title of a book.

archived September 27, 2010

A great future is in store for us when we take the power

Olga Bonfiglio, Energy Bulletin

Richard Heinberg came to Kalamazoo recently and his talk was the first peak oil discussion I've heard that didn't discourage and depress me. Actually, I felt both inspired and energized to help create the next major era in our world’s history.

archived September 27, 2010

This is a new article

Me, Energy Bulletin

If there's going to be sufficient water to meet everyone's needs--and those of rivers and fish and birds and mussels, too--we're going to need to shrink our footprints and share Earth's finite water more equitably.

archived August 18, 2010

Test external media

, Global Public Media

Noah Raford is an urban planner and the Director of Space Syntax Limited in North America. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and recently gave a talk at the London School of Economics titled "Collapse Dynamics: Phase Transitions in Complex Social Systems." This show discusses how complex social systems become inflexible, leading to their collapse, and what strategies individuals aware of collapse might use to cope. Noah's website is Space

archived August 9, 2010

Editors picks - July 2010 - example

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Don't have time to read it all? Here are some suggestions from EBs editors.

archived August 4, 2010

audio testAudio

Simone, EB

Audio testing

archived June 23, 2009

BP claims it was not grossly negligent

Helen Power, The Times

BP believes it can keep fines for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill down by billions of pounds because its behaviour was not “grossly negligent”.

The energy giant said this morning it will write off $32.2 billion (£20.8 billion) in litigation and clean-up costs.

archived July 26, 2010

More food stuffVideoVideo

Sim, EB

More food video

archived July 26, 2010

BP petrol stations shut down by Greenpeace

Basic user, Tgraph

BP petrol stations have come under siege from Greenpeace activists who shut down fuel supplies in protest against the company's “reckless” pursuit of oil.

archived July 26, 2010

Eat The SuburbsVideo

Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute

And now something from

archived July 26, 2010

Climate Change, Peak Oil & Transition TownsVideo

Rob Hopkins, Transition Network

A video about Transition and stuff

archived July 26, 2010

China's oil grab

Dave Cohen, Decline of the Empire

An amazing thing has happened. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), China has now surpassed the United States as the world's biggest energy consumer.

archived July 21, 2010

Peak oil, prices, and supplies - July 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

-The Impending Peak and Decline of Petroleum Production: an Underestimated Challenge for Conservation of Ecological Integrity
-How Much Does a Gallon of Gas Cost?
-Offshore Oil Drilling and Hurricane Risks
-BP's Tony Hayward 'set to step down'

archived July 21, 2010

Greek mythology: The real story of the European debt crisis

Walden Bello, Yes! Magazine

Cafés are full in Athens, and droves of tourists still visit the Parthenon and go island-hopping in the fabled Aegean. But beneath the summery surface, there is confusion, anger, and despair as this country plunges into its worst economic crisis in decades.

archived July 21, 2010

Interview with Art Berman - Part 1

Arthur Berman, ASPO-USA

Art Berman is a geological consultant whose specialties are subsurface petroleum geology, seismic interpretation, and database design and management. He is currently consulting with a wide range of industry clients such as PetroChina, Total, and Schlumberger. Mr. Berman has an MS in geology from the Colorado School of Mines and is active with the American Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists. Art spoke with us last Thursday after a presentation in Canada at the CIBC Technical Conference.

archived July 21, 2010

North Stream and the island of Gotland

Kjell Aleklett, President of ASPO International, Aleklett's Energy Mix

Export of natural gas from Russia to the EU is decisive for the EU’s energy security and a decisive link for the future is the gas pipeline North Stream that will be laid along the bed of the Baltic Sea from a landfall in Vyborg outside St Petersburg to Lybmin in Germany. The pipeline is 1,200,000 meters long and its diameter is 1.2 meters. Using that information I estimate that every pipe segment is 10 meters long. That means that they will weld together 120,000 segments.

archived July 20, 2010

BP: Running the odds during the planning stages

Rick Munroe, Energy Bulletin

This pair of items will illustrate BP’s extraordinary confidence during its planning for the Macondo well. The first item consists of selected quotes from BP’s Initial Exploration Plan (Feb. 2009). The second item is a review of the recent presentation by two veteran drilling specialists from Shell. The primary purpose of their presentation was to contrast the differences between the way Shell designs its deepwater wells and the way BP designed the Macondo well. An underlying theme of both items is the fact that the various aspects of the BP plan were conducted under the oversight of senior industry administration and federal regulators.

archived July 20, 2010

Canadian tar sands - energy future or poisoned chalice? - July 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

-Andrew Nikiforuk Is Tyee's First Writer in Residence
-Unist’ot’en leadership takes to the streets to assert their rights and stop the Enbridge pipeline
-Powering up Canadian prosperity

archived July 20, 2010

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